“Change your story (you tell yourself) and it will change your life and business”

That’s my vision of “CoachingByIvana”.

After a few coaching sessions 1 on 1 with Ivana, things become clearer. Clarity and asking the right people the right questions is of crucial importance. We often don’t see things clearly because we do not know what we do not know and do not see what we are not looking at. As soon as it is clear where we really stay (personally and professionally) and where we really want to go, finally Ivana can determine the right strategy. Basically, our biggest problem is to avoid a problem (emotion of fear) or we don’t see it. Actually, we should be happy with these problems. Ivana has a listening ear and with her expertise, supplemented with own experience as a successful megapreneur the journey can finally begin. It’s a moment in time when everything changes and when the impossible becomes possible. Ivana is able to fully guide this process. It’s like Jim Rohn says: “We are all equal souls, but we are not equal in the market place. Ivana has the knowledge and the ability to empower our self and our business to add this unmistakable value.